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"I am constantly impressed by the practicality of the Totseat. When I pop out for lunch with my friends I no longer need to worry about whether or not a coffee shop or a restaurant will have booster seats or high-chairs available."

-The Family Panel

"We absolutely love this Totseat, which is a washable squashable high chair style seat that you can carry in its own little pouch. This is one baby product you shouldn't leave home without."

-Ziggity Zoom Parents

Product Details

Totseat provides a simple solution for any chair. Perfectly portable and easy to set up at any destination, just toss Totseat into your purse or diaper bag and tame your moving food target. Totseat fits any chair, and the full range of high-chair-aged children.

Elegantly simple, Totseat is available in 5 patterns of Oeko-Tex approved fabric. Totseat was developed with safety experts and bears the Child Accident Prevention Trust's logo.

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