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Product Reviews

"My son is 22 months old, he loves music and really enjoyed this Christmas gift. He plays it all the time. The quality of the product is excellent"

-Gavin's Mom

"This was a gift to my daughter for Christmas from my sister. It is so unique that everyone fell in love with it! The colors are vibrant. It's a nice size and has a good long string."

-Online Review

"One of the first Sevi toys we got. Love it. Wonderful quality, colors. Love when a little cowboy raises his hands and moves as you pull him by the string. My son loves him so much he even makes us feed the cowboy and the horse before we feed him =)"

-Cathi from Florida

Product Details

Sevi is the oldest European wooden toy manufacturer (founded in Italy in 1831). Today, Sevi creates cloth and wooden toys, as well as an assortment of room decor and fun accessories for young children and infants. Colors used are vibrant and lively, while forms are simple, yet sprinkled with intriguing details to inspire interest and exploration.

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