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"We just bought these (maple teethers)... maybe 2 hours ago and already they are a huge hit! We have found that my son LOVES to teeth on wood toys rather than plastic and these are not only great for that, he has learned if you hold one in each hand and bang them together they make a great clapping noise... should I say loud clapping noise! All natural, safe teether and great instrument!"

-Jennifer (Online Review)

"this (Push N Pull) is a great size for little hands to grab and push along, spin the wheels, or just hold onto while cruising. it's also sturdy, well made, and nontoxic for when it inevitably ends up in my son's mouth!"

-Online Review

Product Details

Maple Landmark Woodcraft's Schoolhouse Naturals line was introduced in 2008, providing US made, heirloom-quality toys with minimal finish. This line of toys is either unfinished maple or lightly finished using only non nut-based natural oil finish. The details are beautifully laser engraved. The award-winning Schoolhouse Naturals line ranges from baby teethers and rattles, to building blocks and vehicles of all kinds.

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